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&ldquo thank god for wild turkey!&rdquo jake screamed and i watched in horror as he high-fived katelynn. Brutal-facesitting - горячие телки в чулках и латексе садятся сверху на раба и смотрят в его глаза полные унижения пока он делает куни. Katelynn isn&rsquo t old enough to drink!&rdquo i said.

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Maybe it was me being drunk, or maybe i&rsquo m just a pervert, but watching him fuck her while she ate my pussy made me cum so fucking hard that i must have passed out. &ldquo take his cock, you slut!&rdquo katelynn said to me with an evil laugh and i looked down to see that she was grabbing my body and moving it up and down on her own father&rsquo s cock. After dinner, my boyfriend&rsquo s mother decided to go hang with some friends, leaving me alone with her husband, jake and my boyfriend&rsquo s little sister katelynn.

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Was i going to keep going down this sick, incest rabbit hole, or was i going to run? &ldquo i can sit on her face for a bit,&rdquo katelynn suggested to her father. Jake&rsquo s cock fucked my mouth until he was hard and then i watched in horror as he shoved his hard cock into his own daughter&rsquo s pussy and began to fuck her. &ldquo keep fucking my dad, you whore!&rdquo katelynn screamed at me, pushing my pussy back onto her father&rsquo s cock.

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